Texas Psychedelic

5-song EP released February 19. 2021
“As a songwriter, singer, and bass player, I found music is a very rewarding endeavor that allows me to express myself in a way that suits my personality. A mix of jazz and pop, my songs talk about life and relationships as seen through my own experiences. Composing is not an easy task. It takes baring your soul, experimenting, and a lot of tries. I’m brutally honest and work hard to be true to myself and to what I want to transmit. But I don’t mind it; it feels great when I finally get it right.”

Texas Psychedelic

The Auto-Icon of Jeremy Bentham and Ceaușescu

This Empty Meaningless Life


This Time It’s Different

Making a connection

Drunken Bitter Messages

Borderline Personality Cluster B

The Words He Didn’t Say

Facing up to reality and getting on with your life